God and the Dead Man

The conversation between God and the dead man

One man died. The Spirit came out of the body. Looked around. God came to him with a chest in hand. The conversation between the dead man and the Goddess said.

God: Human, but the body has fallen. This birthday is over. Word with me.

Man: oh so quick I have a lot of dreams about the future.

God: Yes, it is! The time has come for you to come with me. Middle.

Man: Put the box that you brought for me. What will you see?

God: are yours.

Man: NAVA What are my clothes, money and land papers?

God: You are not. Everything is earth. There will be

Man: pony in my memories?

God: No. Memories are from time to time. Time to go

Man: But my talents are intelligent!

God: They are not the things you are

Man: are my friends there?

God: They're just a short distance away with fellow travelers

Man: Who's my wife and children?

God: They are the characters who participated in a drama with you

Man: but my body must have been in the box with you!

God: wrong. Your body belongs to the dirt. Take the soil.

Man: Swami is my soul

God: The Spirit is like you. That's mine.

Man: Opened the box and called itiviveva swami. Water in the eyes of the spots The waste is empty.

It is understood that God has brought this empty box to say that man does not have anything to bring with him. As long as my parents, all of them, I thought that all of these things were me.

Man: Swami finally asks. Is there anything I mean?

God is: Every moment is yours as long as you live.
 You are the consequences of the good and bad you earn in those moments.
That is why the goodness is to be good, to be raised, to remember the Bhagwanmam.
Sorry for the remorse.
 We need to discourage us from getting rid of our peers and to find human services and services.