I do not believe

I do not believe in horoscopes.

--- Yes it is in your horoscope.

I do not believe in God.

---- is wrong? Ravana and Kuntu did not even believe.

Can you show me a god?

---- does he like to see you?

Prayers are offered. And if God has accepted, one of the prisons will be reduced?

----- You read the book. There is only one letter.

Is not God all humans equal?

---- the same. Are all nine o'clock in the womb and naked as a laughing cuckoo?

Daughters of the gods and demons. Are there any children of their children?

----- are. We all belong to their families

God is omnipresent. Why is the idol in the church

- You are less restless. Keep it up.

Will not God do not mind?

--- Yes! You should say. Do not leave for the moment ....