Mothers Day


My mother had only one eye. I did not want to sell it to me.Whenever she came, I was insulting me. She was running a small knife

One day my mother came to school to meet me without telling me

Look at what's next
"Your Mom Is One Eye"
All friends are the same mockery and mockery

That's why I'm so insulted when she comes to where I'm born in the stomach.At one time, when I disappeared from the world, "Amma Where did your second eye go? You're all curious, you die! "

The angry clown is nothing more than the detachment in her face

I was just laughing. Even though I was not so happy to speak, I was happy.
I do not know how much she hurt her because she never punished me

One day night, I was sleeping as if I had been talking to Nana

In the middle of the bed thirst was awake. I went into the kitchen to drink water

Amma is sleeping alone there. Water again in the same eye

Where does my natural nature go? I turned around and looked away

My mother, who was insulting me anywhere, damned my poverty and always dreamed me to be rich and earn a reputation

Then I read it very hard. I have left Amma for the above studies

I got a good job by getting a seat in a good university

I've got a lot of money. I bought a good house. I got married to a good girl. Now I have a very happy life with two children now. Because my single is not my mother here!

That is why I have come back into my life with the uninterrupted happiness of Mahatma

Who else? My mother was two years old and my daughter was afraid of her single eye

"Who are you? Endukoccavikkadiki? I do not know where you are

Will my daughter be afraid of my daughter? Come forward from here! "

I did not know as much as possible.

"Sorry sorry! I do not know the wrong address "

She has disappeared. "Hmmm she did not remember me"

I breathe heavily.

I thought I do not want to live a long time about her

But for a few days, I received an invitation to go to school alumni

I'm going to go to business for going to business

After the program in school, I went to our hut

My eyes recovered from the inside. My mother is lying alone on the pavement. A letter in her hand is written for me. Its essence
The beloved son has already lived longer than I had to live with

I will not come near you. But you have not come to me anymore! .What will you do?

I can not wait to see you.

My happiness is not known to you that you are coming to school alumni

But I'm not going to come to school if you come back to me

If you are a child you have a shot in an accident

I can not see my life in my life!

So I put my eye on you

Do you know how proud I am seeing the world with my naked eye?

I'm never suffering all the work you did

Only two times, '' If he's upset with me, if you love me or not! '
That's fine

All the days that I have spent with you all the time to stay forever in my heart

The north dipped and dipped. I do not see the world. Navaneudu and Sagittarius. The land was broken up and went down to the depth of the unthinkable

How can I behave like my mother, who has been allocated for me throughout my life? How much tears would I have for my mom?

How many births can she get?
(Which translates to the English story)

Nasti's parent is the goddess Nasti's paternal companion Poojao Nasti's parent Samo Kandu

There is no puja or divine equivalent to the nephew Samo guru

There are no relatives or gurus who are beyond mother

Blessing, happiness, grief, or mourning
Amma is a term used to identify a child or a child

Amritmrutham Amma, who was in the arms of his stomach and a child's stomach

Do not let the tears fall like that. Save the iris

Just think

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