Personality development principles

Personality development principles

* When the woman struggles with pain, she will be the mother.

* Caterpillar turns into a butterfly if it fights with darkness.

* When fired with earthenware, it becomes like a sowing tree.

* If you fight life you will become humanly human ...

* Better than the snow melts, great is the goodness that stays in mind.

* Wasting time is to exploit you ...

* Absolutely good. Repeat wherever you are.

* One finger that is tearing over ten fingers to see you smile ....

* No good thing to do. No evil should be done to anyone.

* Getting a true friend is all the more difficult.

* Satisfactory clay becomes gold.

* Books and friends should be a little better.

* You may be a normal man in the world. But at least one of you can live to look great all over the world.

* We have learned to jog in the air like a bird and swim like fish. But we do not know how to live like humans on earth.

* The appetite is not a lion. If the hardship is round about, then the good will not be lost.

* How much sandalwood does not lose sandalwood fragrance. No matter how many hardships he / she does not lose self confidence.

* Man needs a lamp. It needs a mirror, one is light, and another one. They may not be lamp, but they can be a mirror.

* Distributing the knowledge that he knows is the life-style