Rituals are intermittent

Rituals are intermittent

Hindus practice practices # are superstitious. Most of them are some of the rituals that I want to say to the same people. There are some # rituals that are understood to the people. There is a # cause behind every ritual, and some people do not even mean to say this ... so tell me # Hinduism .

Science is the birth of Hindu traditions .. From yellow to dumplings, the knowledge is hidden in the Hindu #

* # Galileo has discovered the world of the new planets through the telescope found in the 15th century ... But thousands of years ago, our worshipers worshiped them and still worshiped

* # Gravitational theory discovered by Nutana !? This is entirely false because of the gravitational theory of the ancient Indian scriptures.

There are many doctors who like doctors and sisters like Maya Saba - 3D House, Sarkar Sushra and many others.

* N in the mathematics of the house drops The principle is hidden, the nucleus, the nucleus, the electrons, neutrons, their orbits.

* # Yellow is enough. There are many different types of diseases,

* # Thulasi plant put on .. house and oleh are clean.

* The world has a great culture before it is known to wear clothes for the whole world. Hinduism has been the responsibility of our Indians to take care of our rituals and our culture for generations.

Hinduism is not a religion but a great way of life that our ancestors gave us

What religion is good and evil, but 90% of our good things are corrected by Hindus if there is no better way of life

* # Rituals * _ *

There are hours in temples ...

The seven bells in our bodies are stimulated by the seven bites in the temple. Both the right and the left parts of the brain unite for a while. This is the calmness of mind. Concentration increases. Burning the bell will destroy the insects in the air in the area.

🍊 Woman is wearing # bangles behind ...
That glass is not getting ill health. Bamboo is always in control because the glasses always touch the hand nerve.

🍄 children's ears # piercing the ears ...
It's natural to have a baby ear piercing. It is mainly for girls and children that even a few children are cut off by the ears. However, the injection of acupressure has been caused by the stomach disorder. Mainly diseases such as asthma.

🍄 # worshiping the Ravi tree ...
A large number of Hindus worship the Ravi tree. These trees are mostly in temples. However, if the trees usually release oxygen during the day, this tree will release oxygen at night. This is followed by worshiping the Ravi tree.

ధ Wearing the toes on the toes ...
Women in the Hindu tradition wear bags to the leg. Wearing this is because the acupressure is done and the blood flow from their heart to the uterus becomes well. However, if silverware is used, the positive energy in nature enters their body.

Do not leave the head # to the north when sleeping.
As the magnetic field of the earth is, our body also has a magnetic field. If we were heading to the north, the brains in our body flowed to the brain and had problems with BP and heart problems. Diseases such as headache, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, etc. So do not sleep in the head to the north.

🌸 wearing saffron blob ...
Wearing the forehead saffron is activated by the nerves where the pituitary gland is activated. The problems like BP, Stress and Anxiety have been reduced.

💐 # with the two hands
If those who are on the opposite side bow down with both hands, we will remind them forever. When both arms are added, the hands of the fingers join together to improve the memory of the acupressure. It also improves brain function.

🌺 # sitting on the floor and eating ...
Sitting on the ground and eating meals is a lot of positional poses. This leads to digestion problems and the gastrointestinal problems are disturbed.

Before eating a stingy diet, sweets are eating ...

When eating a spicy food before meals, the amounts needed to digest the digestive tract in the digestive tract. This leads to digestion. But at the beginning of the meal, the sweets eat it to digest the food we eat.

🍀 # coins in rivers ...
The coins that we once had with us were in good spirits. For this reason, if the coins are brought in the rivers, the copper is refining the water. This means that those who drink the water have a lot of disorders.