The sacrifice takes a quick look at the Lord.

The sacrifice takes a quick look at the Lord.

A devotee went to Shiva to perform Lord Shiva. In a shop outside the temple, he bought the coconut, kapooram, flowers, saparavatulu and vibhuti for the order.

The devotee said that the devotee had to give the priest to the priest in the sanctum sanctorum.

The Archbishop completed the archana and placed the coconut two in front of the statue. A banana is made of some gililla before it is placed on the statue. Then the priest gave him a carpentry. Then the devotees were called 'Shambhasankara' and handed them homage.

The devotees hugged the eyes of the devotees when they brought the broth of garland given to them. Then the pedigree was placed in the place where the pedestrian was placed coconut and bananas.

Then the coconut and bananas collapse each other, saying:

I broke both me and put it before the divine statue. You put yourself before Gilli's statue. Then these devotees are silently watching as audiences, not having hands together. Did you see this With coconut oil banana.

I saw it well. When the same devotees were given carpentry, why did they put the hands on the mouth of the divinity? How did this carpentry get the honor and importance that we do not get? Banana

So they talk to each other. In this analytical dialogue, they said, "Camphor has been used to smash him and help the devotees to see the divine statue well. That's why the carpoor's self-sacrificing of it has got all the honorable dignity. "

The world does not praise and glorify the one who lives only for him. Who will sacrifice their lives for the sake of the people's holiness?

A Mahatma explains the meaning of "What is Yoga?" "Yogam is the only thing to do."

It is a sacrifice for the best of all. It is the person who is alone, and the society is concerned.

Taking more than the rest of the instruments, the man is taken to the Lord.

"The exertion of the exertion is one of the highest, and he is the Supreme Personality and the Shiva. Whether he is educated or unkempt, the Lord is closer than any other person! Swami Vivekananda said in his speech during the visit of the Rameshwarar temple that he may know this and know it.

People can be categorized into three categories. People belonging to a family live only for themselves. They live for their wives and live with a hardened selfish-these are the beasts.

Those who are of the second will live and live in the same way. These are men.

There are some people in the third. They live for others. They do not even have a masculine selfishness, they do not live for themselves. Those who live only for others are referred to as 'Mahanashi'.