Where is God

Where is God

The king who rules a country has three questions in mind. Though many answers were answered, the correct answer was no. He convened a day at his court and invited scholars, scientists and intellectuals. He said that he would give three questions, answer them, and give the right answer a great reward.

Otherwise, they said they would go to the prison if they did not get the right answer. No one came forward worried. The whole thing is spread throughout the country. From the hammer to the cattle shepherd came forward.

He reached the palace. There are many scholars in the king's palace sitting in science scholars. Before the first question was asked by the livestock, the king made the point. '' The guru is the teacher; A disciple is a disciple. The teacher should be above the disciple, "he said. So Maharaja! You said to the throne. The king descended from the throne. The cattle shepherd lifted the throne and said, "Maharaja now asks three questions."

The first question

Where is God watching?

Answer the king said. Immediately a lamp was placed on the cattle shepherd. Bring the lamp and put it in the middle of the house. Maharaja! Where does this lamp look? Looked? Nivaipa? On the east coast? Pascimanika? Top? Down? Tell where you look? "He said. "Looks at all the sides," replied the king. Can this small jyoti see on the side of all the Goddess, the Paramajoyi god? Paramajitam is the brightest in all eyes.

The second question

Where is God

The king said. '' Well! Take milk in a small role, "said the cattle shepherd. Milk was brought. "Maharaja! Can you tell me where the ghee is in this milk? " 'Take the milk well. Add them together (buttermilk) to keep them for a few hours without moving. Yogurt is ready. It comes with butter. Then the prepared butter will be made of ghee, "said the king.
'Perfectly said Maharaja! And the heart of the heart is the boiling of the guru and the mind is added to the mind and the mind of the truth is to put on the weight of the truth that comes true. If that tool is a "interference", then the ghee is called Paramatam, "she said. In the House,

Last question

What will God do? That. '

I am the cattle shepherd, you are the Maharaja. Below me is sitting on the throne. The above is down to you. This is the same. The spirit of work is to make the best life in the lives of the Satrakas' beings, and to bring down those who are corrupt in the rebirth. " The atmosphere of the atmosphere prevailed. The king was buried before the cattle shepherd.